Monday, May 13, 2013

Day 1 - Land's End to Perranporth by SteveMcM at Garmin Connect - Details

Day 1 - Land's End to Perranporth by SteveMcM at Garmin Connect - Details

Now you've done it. Blame Giles Birch for this - he asked if there was anyway to see the route I was riding, so I've worked out how to link across to my GPS site. This should (I hope) give you not only the daily routes (as I upload them) but also lots of interesting stats, like hill profiles, speeds, cadences and such like. I have been suffering a few tchnical glitches with my satnav, by the way. It is behaving in as much as it is showing me the roads I plotted in with no problems (any errors or poor road choices therefore are down to me, unfortunately), but at random periods of the day, the speedometer function seems to crash, and it stops recording speed and distance travelled.

I can insert the correct distance (as per the planned route), but the graphs may show periods of 0 mph but ground covered. This NOT, and will NEVER be, because I have thrown the bike on the back of a lorry! It bugs the cr*p  out of me though because, as was the case on Thursday, the distance led me to believe I still had a demoralising 9 miles to ride, despite feeling wiped out, when suddenly the campsite appeared! That was no bad thing in itself, but it is dispiriting to see the distance not advancing as far as I thought I had earned.

Never mind, I've spotted the problem now so it will surprise me less. I hope... I'll fire the first 6 day's riding up one after the other just now, and write a longer entry plus some photos tomorrow. Time to ice my knees....

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